How they make soft contact lenses

One of the best inventions ever for those that need glasses but don’t want to wear glasses and are too scared to get laser surgery is contact lenses.

Contact lenses allow you to get past the limitations that come with wearing glasses and also allows those who don’t like the appearance of them to avoid them.

The process of making contact lenses is an interesting process. There are actually two types of contact lenses, hard and soft. Hard used to be the only type of contact lenses available but soft contact lenses are now the most common.

Hard contact lenses are made from a rigid plastic and remain hard on the eye whereas soft contact lenses are made from hydrogel which are soft and allow water to move through it.

The soft contact lenses are made by two methods. The first is by using a lathe cutter and the second is by using an injection mold method.

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Was the Cuban Twitter a trojan horse?

The US government has denied that they created a twitter like service in Cuba called ZunZuneo for the purposes of causing instability in the Cuban government. The service was interestingly developed using funding by a US government agency for international development.

The service has been accused of using stealth and manipulative methods of turning the young people of the country against the government. The agency has denied this and has commented that it service was purely for the purposes of allowing those without access to external services like Twitter to have a platform to communicate with others.

The service accumulated 40,000 Cubans when it was at it’s prime before closing it’s doors in 2012 due to lank of funds available to continue the service.

The US government is denying all accusations by the press but as with most things, the truth is expected to come out one day.


ASOS goes up against ASSOS

ASOS is one of the most well known fashion brands in the world, however lesser known cycling clothing company ASSOS is challenging the use of the similar name by ASOS.

It is quite unfortunate for ASSOS in that they are a premium brand name for clothing however are overshadowed by ASOS (which stands for As seen on screen) who have grown from virtually nothing to one of the biggest brands in the world.

ASSOS is now taking ASOS to court over trademark infringements and claiming that ASOS is using it’s logo design and ┬ásimilarities in business areas such as clothing and footwear. ASSOS claims that the two companies were confusingly similar causing harm to the ASSOS business.

Evidence was presented however, that showed people who complained to ASSOS believing they were ASOS were not confused by the two brands but instead, realised that they contacted the wrong company.

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